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Quooker Instant Boiling Hot Water Taps

Every now and then a 'vital' new kitchen appliance comes along that changes the face of cooking. Introducing the Quooker range of instant boiling hot water taps...


Quooker instant hot water taps

Quooker with under worktop water tank

Although it is new to us here in the UK, over 100,000 kitchens in Europe have thrown away their kettles and depend on the Quooker for instant boiling water.

Quooker is the world's only 100°C boiling water tap.

The applications are endless - from making cups of tea to filling up pasta pans and poaching fish.

There are 2 different Quooker taps available, the 'Standard' and 'Combo':

The Quooker Standard

The standard model offers you the ultimate comfort of instant boiling water.

The Quooker Combo

The Combo is a revolutionary combination of of a boiling water tap and boiler all-in-one, dispensing 100°C boiling water through the Quooker tap as well as hot water (50-65°C) through the mixing tap.


Quooker Facts:

  1. Quooker is the world's only 100°C boiling water tap. It is the only tap on the market that truly allows you to be rid of the energy greedy kettle.
  2. Fresh. The stainless steel tank with revolutionary vacuum insulation and thermos technology holds water under pressure (so it doesn't boil) at 110°C. Therefore ensuring every delivery is sterile, removing the risk of harmful bacteria such as legionella.
  3. Energy Efficient. The Quooker only heats up exactly the amount of water that you need and thanks to its patented high vacuum insulation, the stand-by energy consumption is only around 3pence per day.
  4. Safe. The Quooker comes with a tap that is securely mounted to the worktop and has a child proof push-and-turn handle. It is double walled and so safe to touch. The water comes out of the tap as a fine spray rather than a solid jet reducing the likelihood of scalding.
  5. Water Saving. The Quooker COMBI puts an end to water wastage resulting from long pipes from the boiler to the kitchen.
  6. Space Saving. Takes up less space than an electric kettle
  7. Time Saving. You can immediately start boiling your pasta - whereas a heating a pan of water will take you 10 minutes.
  8. Low Maintenance. HiTAC® filter change every 3-5 years and for high limescale areas 12-18 months with a tank clean out.
There are 4 different designs of Quooker taps - Basic, Design, Classic and modern

Quooker Basic boiling hhot water tap

Quooker Basic


Quooker Design boiling hot water tap

Quooker Design

Quooker Classic instant hot water tap

Quooker Classic

Quooker Modern instant hot water tap

Quooker Modern

There are also different water tank capacities available, providing choices of 3 and 7 litres of instant hot water.

Quooker Brochure

Quooker questions & answers

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