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Kitchen Appliances at Holtams


Kitchen Appliances NEFF Quooker Blanco Smeg Rangemaster CDA


We are main dealers for a good selection of manufacturers and are able to source and supply other leading brands at competitive prices.

! Please note that regretably we only supply sinks, taps and appliances with our kitchens and not individually.


Rangemaster Design Centre

Selected by them as 'one of their very best dealers', and "will provide you with the best opportunity to see and touch Neff appliances, talk to people that understand your requirements and who know exactly what is right for you, so that you'll be delighted with your choice."

We really believe in the quality and features of their designs, such as their unique 'Slide&Hide® disappearing oven door to revolutions in steam cooking.
As such we undertake to have a huge range of products in our showroom for you to see and feel and our Designers have all the knowledge available to advise you best.


Blanco Kitchen Sinks Taps Appliances

We are a trusted Blanco Main Dealer.
Their products can be viewed in our extensive showroom


Quooker Boiling Water Tap

We are an approved dealer for the Quooker range of intant boiling hot water taps that
are on display in our showroom.


Hotpoint Kitchen Appliances


Belling Kitchen Appliances


CDA Kitchen Appliances


Smeg kitchen appliances


NEFF Cooking Features

  • Slide&Hide® The unique Slide&Hide® door fits smoothly under the oven to give plenty of room, as well as better access to the oven’s interior – ensuring an easy and flexible approach to cooking.  Recognising our customers’ need for maximum cooking space, our unique full-sized single ovens are now even larger with a 71-litre capacity.
  • Pyrolytic Self Cleaning. The oven that almost cleans its self!
    When you activate the pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle, high temperatures of up to 485°C turn baking, roasting and grilling spatter and residue into ash. Once the oven has cooled you can simply wipe it away with a cloth. That’s all there is to it!
  • VARIO STEAM® VarioSteam® gives dishes just the right amount of moisture by adding steam at three intensity levels, for baking, roasting or  just heating up.VarioSteam® works by adding the desired amount of steam, through ducts in the back plate, during the CircoTherm®, top and bottom heat, bread baking and grilling modes. There are pre-set programmes to provide a moist cooking environment and help achieve beautiful food that is perfectly succulent and tender.  Dishes retain their colour, flavour and won't dry out during the cooking process.
  • Hobs - Induction. NEFFs Induction hobs operate much quicker than ceramic and are very responsive. They save energy and are incredibly safe – there’s little residual heat once the saucepan is removed from the hob.

  • Hobs - Flex Induction FlexInduction hobs allow you to cook anywhere on the enlarged zones. When the zones are activated, pans will receive even, rapid heat transference wherever they are placed. Most hobs within the range are controlled by a removable Point&Twist magnetic dial.
  • Hoods. NEFF hoods are designed to cater for every Cookaholic’s kitchen. Efficient, quiet and equipped with built-in lighting, the design and placement of your hood can be as flexible as your living space.

NEFF Dishwashers

A NEFF dishwasher is designed with creative cooks in mind. That means that even the most bubbled-over oven dishes, baked-on ramekins and caramelised grill pans will still come out beautifully clean. With settings and features to handle your everyday cooking, our dishwashers are equipped for all of your cookware, crockery and delicate glassware.

  • Time Light Never interrupt a cycle again. TimeLight projects the remaining time left on the dishwashing cycle on to the floor in front of your machine. Stylish, contemporary and practical, there’s no risk of disrupting your wash.
  • Zeolith® A form of naturally occurring mineral, Zeolith® has the ability to absorb moisture and turn it in to heat. The heat produced naturally by Zeolith® is used during the drying cycle, ensuring that no additional energy is needed to dry your cookware. With the ability to absorb moisture, your glasses will come out steam free and will be cool enough to handle.

NEFF Cooling

  • Fresh Safe. Fresh, seasonal ingredients are a staple in any NEFF kitchen. As a result, we’ve developed a range of preservation systems to help your food stay at its best for as long as possible. Using our FreshSafe humidity control drawers, herbs, fruits and vegetables stay crisp, vibrant and fresh for up to three times as long.
    FreshSafe provides the perfect solution for weekly grocery shoppers. Preserving food for up to three times as long as a conventional salad drawer, market-fresh ingredients stay fresh and vibrant for longer.
  • NoFrost. NoFrost freezers automatically react to any signs of frost so it never has a chance to build up. With a NoFrost freezer air is blown from the back wall and circulates over food items. As a result, there is no condensation or build up of frost and food does not freeze together.
  • LowFrost. LowFrost, within our built in bottom freezers KI6873F30G and KI6863F30G, improves performance and reduces frost build up in an energy efficient way. It also provides more storage space due to there being no internal evaporator and you will only need to defrost your freezer every 2-3 years.

NEFF Laundry

Quality, performance and efficiency are standard on all NEFF laundry appliances. A good laundry appliance should be reliable enough to provide perfect results again and again. We have three types of models to cover all your laundry needs: washing machines, washer dryer combination models and tumble dryers. All feature our signature innovations, designed to improve efficiency and, most importantly, to make life easier.



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