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The Holtams Hot Air Balloon

"1000ft up in the air, all you can hear are children shouting and dogs barking"

Our hot air balloon is a wonderful experience and launching from Ambergate whenever weather conditions permit, is always an unforgettable occasion.

Below is a scrapbook of photos taken at a typical launch.


Balloon Ground Crew

Ground Crew

Unravel the balloon

Carefully unpack

Unpacking the balloon

Lay flat along its entire length


Inflate gently

Inflating the balloon

using the Ballon's burner's

Inflate the balloon

taking care not to ignite anything

Starting to rise

More heat = more hot air = more lift


Interior volume is huge

Stating to rise

Starting to rise

Nearly there!

.. nearly there

All Aboard!

"All Aboard"

The Holtams Balloon

We have lift off !

Aerial view of Heage from the balloon

1000ft up

Heage from the balloon

Heage Windmill

Landing in a field of cows

The landing


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